Introducing: The Ladies Social Circle

Y’all one thing I feel very strongly about in this life is acting like a lady. It is so important, for ladies to act like ladies and on the flip side, for gentlemen to act like gentlemen. I truly believe that if more ladies would act like ladies then more men would act like gentlemen. That’s why I’ve created the Ladies Social Circle, here’s what we believe. 

I’d love for you to grab a button from The Ladies Social Circle Page or my sidebar and display it proudly on your site! Please link up and visit the other lovely ladies of the circle. Check back regularly to meet other ladies and how they live the creed.
In honor of the beginning of The Ladies Social Circle I’ve got a giveaway to keep your monogram and pearl obsession, cute artwork need, and interest in The Ladies Social Circle fueled! 
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A HUGE thanks to Allie for designing the LSC graphic and buttons! She is awesome!

  • Sarah Beth

    I absolutely love this so much. I actually did a blog post on my own blog about being Classy which to me means the same thing to me as being a Lady. I’ll be putting one of our buttons on my blog soon :)

  • mariecarolk

    Uhm. Hold tight because Imma ’bout to gush over your blog! Seriously this is the cutest!! First of all, the header is adorable and tres chic. And then I started reading your posts, especially the 3 day travel ideas (!!!) and the bucket lists, and then this one! Gahhh, I’m in love with your blog girl :) And the sugar on top of this sweet, sweet cutie pie? I clicked on the “I believe” link… :) Go you!

    I’ll be back for more posts. Consider me subscribed.


  • Katherine

    Thanks so much for putting a button up! I so agree with you on being classy, as you can see!

  • Katherine

    I would love to have you back Marie! Thanks so much for all your sweet words!