Sunshine Award

Many thanks to the lovely Sarah for tagging me for this Sunshine Award. Or as I’ve been referring to it in my head the hey-I-like-you-as-a-blogger-tell-me-about-yourself-thing. My description is a little wordy… Anyway let’s cut to the chase!

11 truths & 1 lie about me! Can you spot the fake? Guess in the comment and you could win a prize!

1. I’ve never had fake nails. I’ve dyed my hair, chopped my hair, gotten spray tans, gotten a tattoo, and darkened my eyelashes but I’ve never had fake nails. They actually kinda creep me out. 
2. I switch up the placement of my decorations and furniture in my apartment just about every season. I get the itch for a change.
3. I fainted in a foreign theme park, Sentosa, from heat stroke.
4. I had a crush on my US History teacher in high school. Yeah, he was cute but it was his complete and total knowledge of history that I was most attracted to… what a nerd I am. 
5. I had chest pains my senior year in college and had to get two EKGs to get everything check out. The doctor couldn’t find any problems and the issue still hasn’t been fully resolved. 
6. I loved the show Commander in Chief and wish it would come back on the air! Seriously, Geena Davis as the first woman President? Hello masterpiece! 
7. I broke my ankle at a dance competition during a performance. Then limped off the stage after with tears streaming down my face. Makeup was running obviously.  
8. I hate doing the dishes. Seriously hate it. Hate washing them, hate putting them in the dishwasher, and hate unloading the dishwasher. Hate it all. But I hate paper plates too.
9. Sometimes I wonder if I want to be the President of the United States of the President of my kid’s school’s PTA… then I think why choose, I should do both. 
10. I would rather take a nap than go out. I sleep all the time. All. The. Time. Maybe there is something wrong with me.
11. I wish I had my own personal cook, masseuse, and barista. All on call. 
12. I have a weakness for candles. I can justify spending money on candles at all times. And books. Books #1 and candles #2. 
1. What flavor of ice cream is most like you and why? Cinnamon, because I’m kinda normal but I’ve got a kick. 
2. Chocolate or Cheese- you have to give up one for the rest of your life. Which will it be? Adios Chocolate. I cannot live without Cheese!
3. What is your claim to fame? I was on the radio in Fargo, ND after I got a 100 on the Harry Potter Quiz before the midnight showing of the 6th movie. Hahaha nice right? I was the only one in the crowd to get a 100.
4. What blog post did you read by someone else and wish that you had written it?  Girls’ Night Out by Lazy Bolyen. Freakin awesome. Maybe I will just have to write one myself.
5. What was your favorite nursery rhyme, song, or poem when you were little? My mom used to sing me the song “It Only Take a Spark” and I still hum it to this day. But for Halloween we used to sing this song called “The Wobblin Gobblin” and I loved that too! 
6. Have you ever walked out on a film? Or wished you had done? What film and why? I walked out of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. I hate horror movies. Oh and I wish I had walked out of Hostel because I ended up throwing up due to the graphic nature. That was a horror movie as well. Oh, and I was on a date. Good times. 
7. What day in your life has more significance than any other? My graduation was incredibly special to me. 
8. If you could bring any imaginary film or TV character to life for a day, who would it be and why? Lillian Bowman from It Happened One Autumn. Yes that’s a romance novel and yes I don’t care. She’s pretty awesome and she was very self aware and independent. 
9. Harry or Wills? Harry. He seems like a tad more fun and I’m Catholic and King cannot marry a Catholic…

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1. If you could witness any event (past, present, or future) what would it be and why?
2. What is the best decision you’ve ever made?
3. What is the biggest step you think the world needs to make to end poverty around the world?
4. If you had to lose one sense which would you pick and why?
5. Shoes or bags? Why? How many do you own?
6. What is your biggest turn off?
7. What song is the most played on your iPod/MP3?
8. Have you ever thought of adopting?
9. If you have 1 hour of free time what do you do?
10. What is your favorite joke?
11. What was the best prank you’ve ever pulled?

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  • Avoir la Peche

    Yey – you played!!!
    Love it :) I’d choose cheese every time too! And Hostel was HORRIBLE…i saw the japanese version which I think, if it’s possible, was even more gruesome!
    OK…the fiction….number 10….. I think you’re definitely more party animal than sleeper!

  • Marielle | Blazing speed of li

    I’m with you on the fake nails. . .so creepy. Can’t do anything that’s glued to the body, like fake eyelashes. Shudder.

  • Katherine Nolden

    I can handle the eyelashes but yeah the nails give me the creeps!

  • Katherine Nolden

    There was a japanese version of Hostel? Oh geez I should not be within 50 ft of that movie! And the fiction is actually #7! I’ve never broken a bone! I poped my knee cap out of place during that competition and I was in a lyrical dance so everyone thought I was acting when I was crying! I actually would choose to sleep! I mean I like to party too though! Only after I’ve napped!