SWUG: Senior Washed-Up Girl

Have you heard of SWUG before? No? Then read up baby because I am already signed up and two drinks in to that fiesta! So let me tell you all about the SWUG life (yeah not thug life but SWUG life), senioritis, and my seniorities.

My seniorities this week: pair a riesling with Wills, Trusts, & Estates and zinfandel with Sales, watch Scandal clad like Olivia Pope, nap with Winston, and look like I know what I’m talking about if I get called on and have to speed read over the case. 
We all remember those days in high school, after the first day (OMG my last first day of High School!!!!!) you get accepted to college and then you don’t really care about class for the rest of the year. Yeah you show up and if you were one of those over achievers (totally ragging on myself) that had to take AP tests you studied… sort of. Because let’s face it you didn’t care about anything but college. You were already 6 months ahead wondering about your first frat party and rush. Your teachers had to remind you constantly to come to class (like you had a choice) and to pay attention. 
Then you have 3.5 great years in college and then it strikes again… after the first day in August/September (OMG my last first day of school EVER!!!!!) comes the apathy, the boredom, the exhaustion. You’re in the good classes where you know your professors aren’t going to fail you because you’re graduating in 4 months, and if you do so bad you know they’ll at least give you a C. You’ve been to the same parties at the same places and you’re just tired. And all you want to do is sit on the couch with your friends and watch Scandal (or in my case Gossip Girl) and drink wine. Here comes the deja vu: you didn’t care about anything but getting out of college and getting a big girl job. You were already six months ahead and wondering about your office (none of that cubicle crap was in your day dreams) and the happy hours you would have with your bad-a** colleagues. Your teachers tried to remind you constantly to come to class (which you would hear every other tuesday when you showed up) and to pay attention (which you rarely did). 
At this point most of you are done. Most of you are working toward that office dream where you don’t have to smell your cubicle partner’s penchant for cheetos and tuna. But then there are the few, the proud, those who think they are so smart, who go to grad school. Then there are the other few, the completely screwed up, the touched in the head, those who go to law school. 
Let me tell you senioritis as a 3L in law school is the WORST. It is worse than high school or college senioritis because you HAVE to go to class, you HAVE to study, oh and the best part you HAVE to take the flippin bar AFTER you graduate. Oh and another perk? Your professors WILL fail you. And they will do it with a smile. We are not fantasizing about a corner office, law clerks to order around, starbucks everyday, or being feared in the courtroom, we are drooling over the day when we get the email from our respective states saying that the last three years of our lives have not been in vain and we can actually practice law. It’s the little things people. I might be also dreaming about making someone call me Esquire just for kicks too.
So yes the amount of apathy and disgust I have for studying, reading, attending classes, and taking exams is enormous. But then there is that little voice in the back of my mind, it might be little but it is oh so strong, that says If you don’t get going on this sh*t you’re going to be screwed that gets my apathetic butt going. 
The realization that I will never be done learning gives me a physical pain but then I think about how I actually had MY FOR REAL FOR REAL LAST DAY OF SCHOOL in august and that gives me the chills and the boost to read and brief one more case. Sorry briefing died after first year. 
Reminisce about your senioritis days in the comments? What should my seniorities be?

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  • Britta

    ugh, that feeling is THE WORST! I can only imagine how much it must stink because you are right, you HAVE to get your stuff done now .. not high school anymore haha. have you tried coming up with little rewards for yourself for motivation to get it all done??

  • Caitlyn Phipps

    I am in the same boat with grad school and I am sure that it will be even worse next semester. I have no classes and a thesis defense committee are the only thing between me and graduation!

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    Awesome! What is your thesis on? I’ve heard defense committees are rough! I don’t have to go through that… just the bar. Haha

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    I try to and then I have no self discipline I just take the cookie! Haha! I will say I’ve tried to combine things, like I go work out when I know I want to watch a tv show and then watch it at the gym! I need to get better at my discipline! Do you have any tricks?

  • Caitlyn Phipps

    I am sure yours is worse! I just have to defend everything I’ve done the last 2 years in my research!! Best part is I do research with art, so 2 out of 3 committee members aren’t up to date in that field!