Top 10 Ways Law School Changes your Halloween Experience

1. Do not give out candy to children. You do not want to be partially liable for any cases of childhood diabetes. 
2. Even though you’re not giving out candy now (see #1). leave the porch lights on so no children fall. You can get sued for that too. 
3. Do not even buy candy. You will eat it and you do not have an extra six hours to work it off at Lifetime Fitness. We’re getting into the serious part of the semester now.
4. Do not dress up as anything but yourself. It’s probably either false advertising or copyright infringement. 
5. If you do dress up (obviously disregarding #4), scrutinize any costume rental contract closely, regardless of how long it is. The contract, not the costume length, that is. Although the Halloween skirt length trend is concerning in a whole other way.
6. Set up your haunted house as a haunted law school. Have professor jump out of dark corners and ask their victims whether the contract had consideration or the evidence was hearsay. Play the ominous ticking of an exam room clock.
7. You can still watch a scary movie protected by your significant other. Hide your face in their shoulder, hold them close, you cannot let law school take everything away. 
8. Afterward, sue the scary movie producer for intentional infliction of emotional distress. 
9. Practice your outlining by seeing how many notes you can carve into one pumpkin. Better make it a big one. 
10. If other law school students try this as well, smash their pumpkins. Just don’t get caught: you should know the consequences of destruction of property by now…
Now forget buying candy (again see #1) and go watch Hocus Pocus. 
*I found this article here and reproduced it for you because it was THAT good. This was not plagiarizing, I gave her the credit. No suing please. If you want me to credit you using bluebook citation let me know. Then go jump in a lake, respectfully. 

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  • Amanda MeeMee

    Hahah! Awesome list! And I loooove Hocus Pocus!!!!

    Voyage of the MeeMee

  • Marielle Green

    Also loving this! Hocus Pocus is definitely a must on Halloween :)