Weekly Wishes

Last weekly wish (getting to bed by midnight) failed miserably. MISERABLY. I just cannot get to sleep that early when there are so many things that I have to do! Read, study, watch Scandal, read my book, study, yoga…

Well this week I must do better! This week the wish is to drink more water! Specifically I must get 100oz AND if I drink something besides water then I must offset that ‘non-water’ with the same amount of water! Boom. Excuse this crass moment but I think I’m going to be running to the bathroom a lot this week… hopefully my body will get used to it! 
What’s your wish for the week? 
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  • http://myfairytalebones.blogspot.com/ Luka

    its monday and here comes the encouraging comment that goes along with the weekly wishes! :)
    i’m luka and visiting your blog not for the first time, i think i’ve been here before. 😉
    since i only have one kidney, i’m used to drinking at least 3 litres a day and have discovered that little rituals really do it for me: one big glass every morning, lunch, afternoon, night already makes half of what i need to drink.
    for the rest, i have this silly 10-gulps-game which is kind of self-explanatory… 😀 10 sips at a time, no less.

    best of luck, will check back on how you did. :)

    love, luka

  • Angela Wiebe

    drinking water is a hard thing for me to do! But I always feel better for it afterwards! I hope it goes well!!

  • http://avoir-la-peche.blogspot.co.uk/ Avoir la Peche

    ha – I love it when people are honest! – there’s no shame in failing because you’ve just got too darned much to do! I’m totally with you!
    Good luck with your week’s wish….by the end of the week your bladder will be trained enough to hold all that water – lol! :)

  • Jess Boyd

    best of luck! now that i have gotten in the habit of drinking water on a daily basis, i don’t even think about anymore and don’t have to force myself. my body feels really bad when i don’t drink enough now :)

  • http://spuddybuddies.com/ Raine and Skye

    Good luck! I know how challenging drinking enough water can be. I’m struggling but here’s to chugging down all that H2O!

  • http://katayla.com/ Katie Baker

    That’s a great goal! I always have my water bottle with me, though I should probably measure how much I actually drink one of these days. :)

  • Katherine Nolden

    Thanks! Thats what I kept telling myself!

  • Katherine Nolden

    I bet you’d be surprised how much you actually drink!

  • Katherine Nolden

    I need to get to that state where my body tells me I need to drink more!

  • Katherine Nolden

    My bladder has been trained! Hahaha!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Thanks Angela! It went pretty well! I had to add lemon or cucumber to make it more ‘interesting’!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Luka! Your game totally helped me rock my wish! Seriously! I kept thinking “oh no you’ve got to take 10 katherine!” Love it!