5 Love Languages

Have yall ever read the book or heard of the 5 Love Languages? I was introduced to it my a wonderful friend over two years ago and it has completely changed my outlook on love. How many times have you thought to yourself Why doesn’t my husband/boyfriend show me that he loves me? or I don’t know if my mom knows how much I love her! 

Reading through this books makes you see that people express love and recognize love differently and that if you & your partner or you & whoever don’t have the same ‘love language’ that is where the disconnect happens! Take the quiz on the 5 Love Language website or check out the book! 

My love language is Receiving Gifts, and I get embarrassed when I tell people that because if people haven’t read the book then they automatically think oh what a gold digger how superficial is this girl! And I’m not! (okay I do like nice things, I mean who doesn’t) But what that means is that to me it’s not the material value of the gift, it’s the fact that when someone gives me a gift I recognize the amount of time it took for that person to either search for the perfect gift and send it or the fact that when they spotted whatever-it-is they were thinking of me! All of that is behind the gift! 

Things that I consider gifts (that other people might not): letters, a pretty leaf, bringing home dinner, gum, a picture!

The disconnect happens when the person who is trying to show me love doesn’t speak my love language or when I’m trying to show my loved one love but their primary love language isn’t the one I’m speaking! 
Understanding how you ‘speak’ love and how your family ‘speaks’ love makes the ‘conversations’ so much easier! 
that picture is both of us speaking each other’s love languages: his gift to me is dancing with me and since his love language is physical touch I made sure it was a slow dance

Buttoned Up, Buttoned Down

photo via jcrew.com

 #5 on my Birthday Bucket List this year was to wear a button down for a whole week. Obviously not the same one ewwww! It turned cold this past week in Texas, and not cold-for-Texas but cold-for-everywhere, since it was 35 degrees and rainy, I decided it would be the perfect week to check that baby off!

Why it was put on the BBL:

1. I didn’t just want to write: don’t just wear sweats
2. I knew that I could mix up button downs: as in wear them under sweaters or vests or layer jewels
3. It gave me an excuse to say “Oh yeah I need that new button down!” while shopping

What I learned from my very buttoned down week:

1. They are way more comfortable than I thought! Usually when I think of button downs I automatically add business attire to them but I paired them with jeans, with skirts, with ankle pants, and I didn’t limit myself to just starched while button downs (which probably helped with the comfortable thing).

2. They can be one of your accessories! I loved having plaid under solids because right away it added another dimension to the outfit! Plus I think it made the entire thing look more put together. 

 3. I realized how many other tops I had! I would walk in my closet and go Oh I want to wear that today but it wasn’t a button down! I’ve now formed outfits in my head that don’t include button downs that I can’t wait to wear!

Are you a fan of button downs? Would you ever try this out?

1 sweater: jcrew, button down: fossil, necklace: jcrew, bracelet: jcrew
2 sweater: jcrew, button down: jcrew, earrings: david yurman
3 button down: old navy, vest: abercrombie & fitch, necklace: loft, bracelet: david yurman, earrings: forever21, glasses: bonlook
4 button down: jcrew factory, vest: jcrew, earrings: kendra scott, bracelet: james kiel patrick, headband: goody
5 button down: banana republic, necklace: StylesbyAna, bracelet: jcrew factory, earrings: francesca’s


50 years ago in Dallas

50 years ago today our 35th President was assassinated on the streets of Dallas. My mother lived in Dallas at the time and while she wasn’t at the parade that day, my grandfather took her down to the site the day after. I knew I needed to go see the part of history that was in my city and that I really needed to do it this year, the 50th anniversary. 
It was an emotional experience to say the very least. The museum is on the floor of the old Texas School Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald took aim, or supposedly took aim, which ever theory you subscribe to. The museum focuses on the day the Kennedys arrived in Dallas and the aftermath of the shooting. There are videos, photos, artifacts, and witness testimony that guide you through this museum. 
the sixth floor far right window
the X marks the place of the car when the fatal shot occurred
the sniper’s “nest” the window is the sixth floor window in the first picture
 oswald’s shot

What an intense and amazing experience. I encourage everyone to try to go to the museum or to participate in any remembrance activities today. The Kennedy era is alive and strong and I wish I could have seen the Camelot White House.