5 Lessons I Learned from Winston

This post was originally a guest post on Lost in Travels but in honor of Winston’s birthday in a few weeks I wanted to repost it!

Dogs teach us an incredible amount about life and I would love to share my Winston’s short list with you.

Wise Lessons from Winston:
1.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again: If you still aren’t getting it, forget it, take a nap, and then try again: Winston is so stubborn but good stubborn. He tries so hard for something and he will not give up until he gets it. Such an admirable quality in life, I would like to say that rubbed off from mom but…

2. Peanut butter always makes you feel better: whether it’s in a Kong or on a spoon peanut butter just makes you feel like life is good. It’s true, go try some!

3. When in doubt, get Mom: when anything goes wrong Winston is at my side. If there’s a horse, lightening, he gets hurt, he comes to me. Anytime I get hurt, I need help I call my mom. Moms love you no matter what you do, it’s unconditional.

4. To be best friends you’ve got to be comfortable facing the smiles and facing the sh*t: Winston has to smell their faces and their butts. He’s taught me a lot. You’ve got to find the friends that you can deal with when times are good and when times are bad.

5. The sunshine is the place to be: Until you get hot, then move to the shade: when things are great soak it up and revel in it; but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. You need change and make the change work in your favor whatever you do.

I literally thank God every day that he put that crazy awesome idea into my head to get Winston. He knew He knew I was going to need him. He knew. He knew there were things that only Winston could teach me. And for that I am so grateful. That is why I thank Him every day and why Winston is going to get an extra-long belly rub tonight


  • heather kirsebom

    He’s sooooo cute. I want him 😉

  • http://jackiejade.blogspot.com/ jackie jade

    oh my goodness – he is so so cute! love his smiley face! I have a pet-themed linkup that we’re doing once a month. definitely link up with us next month :)
    — jackie @ jade and oak

  • http://petitepanoply.blogspot.com/ Jamie Rose

    Aww. My bulldog used to love laying in the sun too. Then when it got too hot he’d want to come back inside. It was a constant cycle! Winston is so adorable!

  • Rachel Murphree

    Winston is so cute that it should be illegal!

  • http://voyageofthemeemee.blogspot.com/ Amanda MeeMee

    Oh my goodness, look at dat face! He’s adorable… and those are very good lessons to have learned. :)

  • Caitlyn Phipps

    I loved this post. And Winston is too freakin cute!