50 years ago in Dallas

50 years ago today our 35th President was assassinated on the streets of Dallas. My mother lived in Dallas at the time and while she wasn’t at the parade that day, my grandfather took her down to the site the day after. I knew I needed to go see the part of history that was in my city and that I really needed to do it this year, the 50th anniversary. 
It was an emotional experience to say the very least. The museum is on the floor of the old Texas School Book Depository, where Lee Harvey Oswald took aim, or supposedly took aim, which ever theory you subscribe to. The museum focuses on the day the Kennedys arrived in Dallas and the aftermath of the shooting. There are videos, photos, artifacts, and witness testimony that guide you through this museum. 
the sixth floor far right window
the X marks the place of the car when the fatal shot occurred
the sniper’s “nest” the window is the sixth floor window in the first picture
 oswald’s shot

What an intense and amazing experience. I encourage everyone to try to go to the museum or to participate in any remembrance activities today. The Kennedy era is alive and strong and I wish I could have seen the Camelot White House.