Blogger Ornament Exchange

Calling all Christmas loving bloggers! I think that pretty much got everyone’s attention! I love all the different holiday parties: ugly sweater, white elephant, cookie swaps, and ornament exchanges! I wanted to throw an ornament exchange with bloggers but when I thought about it I figured there would be other bloggers that lived in different states that would like to get in on it as well! I posted on Twitter awhile ago about having a blogger ornament exchange and I got some great responses! So without further ado, and we all know how much I like ado…

1. Fill out this Google Form (then tweet about it so others will join!)
2. Check back on the 24th to find out your partner
3. Go stalk your partner’s blog for ornament ideas! 
4. Send them an email and get their mailing address
5. Find the perfect ornament for them or make one! Either is fine!
6. Postmark the ornament ASAP (by December 7th) and enclose a note telling them why you picked that ornament!

  • Rachel Murphree

    What a fun idea!

  • Jessica

    I love Christmas ornaments! Is this for US bloggers only? 😛

  • Paulina Dombrowski

    Super excited for this