Buttoned Up, Buttoned Down

photo via jcrew.com

 #5 on my Birthday Bucket List this year was to wear a button down for a whole week. Obviously not the same one ewwww! It turned cold this past week in Texas, and not cold-for-Texas but cold-for-everywhere, since it was 35 degrees and rainy, I decided it would be the perfect week to check that baby off!

Why it was put on the BBL:

1. I didn’t just want to write: don’t just wear sweats
2. I knew that I could mix up button downs: as in wear them under sweaters or vests or layer jewels
3. It gave me an excuse to say “Oh yeah I need that new button down!” while shopping

What I learned from my very buttoned down week:

1. They are way more comfortable than I thought! Usually when I think of button downs I automatically add business attire to them but I paired them with jeans, with skirts, with ankle pants, and I didn’t limit myself to just starched while button downs (which probably helped with the comfortable thing).

2. They can be one of your accessories! I loved having plaid under solids because right away it added another dimension to the outfit! Plus I think it made the entire thing look more put together. 

 3. I realized how many other tops I had! I would walk in my closet and go Oh I want to wear that today but it wasn’t a button down! I’ve now formed outfits in my head that don’t include button downs that I can’t wait to wear!

Are you a fan of button downs? Would you ever try this out?

1 sweater: jcrew, button down: fossil, necklace: jcrew, bracelet: jcrew
2 sweater: jcrew, button down: jcrew, earrings: david yurman
3 button down: old navy, vest: abercrombie & fitch, necklace: loft, bracelet: david yurman, earrings: forever21, glasses: bonlook
4 button down: jcrew factory, vest: jcrew, earrings: kendra scott, bracelet: james kiel patrick, headband: goody
5 button down: banana republic, necklace: StylesbyAna, bracelet: jcrew factory, earrings: francesca’s


  • Michelle Harrison

    I don’t wear them often, but that last look is AMAZING, I totally want to recreate it!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  • Miss Glam Dan

    LOVE Button Downs! I think you look so fabulous and made them even more wearable. That polka dot one under the white puffer vest is PERFECT!! :)

    Danielle xx