Good Guest’s Guide: Work Parties

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1. Get an outfit. You could trot out your old black dress or black suit but come ON! If it’s a holiday party then spruce yourself up in a red dress or get a tartan bowtie! If you treat this as a party instead of a duty I promise you you’ll have fun!
2. Make sure your date is someone you trust. If you are going to bring someone you want them to be able to form coherent sentences and not embarrass you in front of your boss. This would not be the time for first dates or even second dates. If you’re in that situation and you want a date bring a good friend instead. 
3. Don’t get drunk. Try not to get drunk. Hold your liquor. Just remember you work with these people you do not want them to have video of you dancing on a table with a napkin on your head… or do you? Oh and if your office is stupid and has the parties on a week night, show up to work the next day. 
4. Have a list of conversation starters! In case you get stuck next to weirdo mcweirderson and they want to talk about shoelaces for an hour you can at least change the subject and get stuck in a conversation you’d be somewhat interested in. 
5. Leave at an appropriate time. The perfect time to leave is not before your boss but not after shirts come untucked. Nothing good happens after midnight…

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  • Amanda MeeMee

    Bahahah! This was hilarious. I especially loved “weirdo mcweirderson”