Project {my crazy} Life

Last year about this time I started Project Life. I have had more fun with this project than I originally thought I would! It’s been great to flick back through my year and see what I was doing and what I thought was important to take pictures of at the time. I tried to not take photos of things just to fill up spots on the page, I tried to work with the pictures that I took, the moments I deemed awesome enough in my every day life to whip out my phone or camera for. It made me realize a couple things: 
1. Winston’s handsome mug takes up about 40% of the binder
2. I like food
3. There are quite a few pictures where my mouth is open… what is that about?

Do any of you do Project Life? How do you document your life? 

If you are thinking about starting Project Life anytime soon Micheal’s is running a sale on all Project Life items: 40% off! I just went and bought my binder and inserts for next year! Wahoo! 


  • LaPetiteFashionista

    I have all of the tools, but haven’t started creating mine!! you’re inspiring me to get started now! I love the idea of capturing these moments of everyday life. I think i’m going to make my start in November!

  • Amanda MeeMee

    My sister does this, I’ll have to tell her about the sale! I don’t feel crafty enough, lol

  • Mar

    I love this idea and am definitely going to check it out.

  • Caitlyn Phipps

    I am so excited to check into this, especially since this will be an amazing way to keep up with all the fun memories!

  • Katherine

    It’s great Caitlyn, so fun to see your random moments from the year!

  • Katherine

    Its actually less craft intensive! I mean you can for sure ‘craft it up’ but my first many pages were really understated!

  • Katherine

    Woman! You’ve got to do it! You’re the one who inspired me!

  • Wilson

    Hey Duchess,

    Which Core Pack have you used for your binder? I LOVE it!?

  • Katherine Nolden

    Hi Wilson! Thanks so much! I used the Amber pack but then I bought some scrapbook stuff from target and mix that in too!