The Tinsel is Gone but the Memories are Strong

The presents have been opened, the peppermint schnapps spiked hot chocolate has been drunk, the tree skirt is empty, and yet the snow is still here! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and has been relaxing with family and of course gorging on some Christmas cookies! I wanted to share some pictures from my Minnesota jaunt and the most crazy story of the holiday!  
three layers is needed for negative 22
we’re serious card players, this was my hand for widow whist
Winston grabbed a few Christmas cookies…

On Christmas Eve I went to mass with my Aunt & Uncle and cousins and they dropped me off back at my grandparents’ house. My grandparents and my mom were at a different service so I ran up to the house and it was locked. I have no idea where a spare key was, my phone was dead, and it was getting dark. Oh did I mention is was 20 BELOW ZERO at this point. The service my grandparents and mom were at was about a mile away so zipped up my down coat that makes me look like the Michelin man, put up the hood, thanked God I put boots on and not heels, and walked over to the church. Yall not only was my butt frozen but everything was frozen. Well I am alive but I’ve got a dang good story to tell!
 playing on the lake

got to have two hours of alone time for coffee and a chat with this lovely grandma

  • Kate Mothes

    Nothing brings on the cheer like warm family memories… and dogs running in the snow! 😀


    Artsy Abroad //

  • LifeChangesii

    Love the post but I especially love the photographs. Just like Kate said its like warm family memories.

  • Lauren

    The snow is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Now that I live in the desert I really miss the snow sometimes. It is so beautiful! (But then I remind myself about the 20 below temps and scraping ice off my car and I feel better about my mild winters haha)

  • Zia @ Bits of Days

    How I miss Minnesotan snow! Here in Germany it snowed once and melted the next day, boring.