These so-called Pretty Little Liars

Okay they are pretty and little and most definitely liars. Dang are their pants on fire. Well I’ve never watched PLL before but according to many I was missing out, so after finals were over I jumped on the bandwagon via netflix and here were some of my more frequent thoughts… 

1. Is PLL the new Sex and the City? I mean Spencer is Charlotte, Aria is Carrie, Emily is Miranda, and Hanna is Samantha. Right? I mean I’m Charlotte in a big way and most def Spencer, so I guess PLL is this generation’s SATC.

2. Apparently my high school didn’t get their teachers from the hot end of teacher pool. I mean Mr. Ftitz is smokin and my english teacher was not that attractive. 

3. Neighbor boys have great abs. Toby had them for Spencer and since I lived next to swimmers in high school I know they had good abs. I guess it’s a fact of life. Check out your neighbor’s abs next time the weather warms up…

4. Spencer is my spirit animal. See #1 but seriously I wish I was more like her in high school. She’s like Hermione. Hence my obsession. 

5. A true friend will actually lie, steal, and kill for you. How many times have the girls does not one but all of the above for each other? Now accepting applications for friends who will do all of the above but not commit felonies because let’s face it, I’m going to be a lawyer and I need to uphold the law here people. 

6. High schools have really embraced cell phones these days. I remember when if your phone saw the outside of your bag they were taken up for the whole day. But now I guess they let you talk on them during passing periods (which are crazy long as well…)

7. I was so underdressed for high school. I mean I thought jeans and a cute shirt were enough but I did not put as much effort as these girls. I mean heels over 3 inches? Come on. 

8. Openness = way less drama. Stop lying! Just tell the truth about “the jenna thing” and be DONE. Geez. 

9. Eloping after just getting back together with your ex is probably a bad idea. Not just because he’s a creep but because you probably broke up with him for a good reason in the first place. Silly Melissa. 

10. You don’t need the truth if you have a really good lie. I mean Allison said it so much it kind of stuck. 
this was me watching on my ipad… which is broken… I didn’t care I was watching PLL

What were your thoughts while watching PLL? 


  • LifeChangesii

    I’ve never seen the show but have heard a lot about it. If its on Netflix like you mentioned then I’ll probably watch a few episodes. And judging by the photos I too was wayyy underdressed for high school!

  • #LLinaBC

    I like + agree with your synopsis. I’ve been [religiously] watching this show for longer than I’m willing to admit [aka the beginning]. you did it the right way, watching it on netflix. it pains me every time an episode ends with a cliffhanger and I have an entire week, or months before the next episode airs. dear goodness, I just want to know who ‘-A’ is.