Weekend in Athens


A weekend in Athens is not nearly enough time to appreciate that city, let alone Greece! But let’s give it a go!

Day 1: Head straight to the Acropolis and breathe in all the ancient history! Hike to the top and walk all around. After your hike walk around the Ancient Agora and pick a place for lunch. After lunch head to the New Acropolis Museum, make sure to look down when you walk in and see the archaeological dig site underneath the plexiglas panes in the entrance way. Take a good look on  Walk into the Parthenon that sits right next to the Museum. On Friday nights the museum holds talks about their pieces. Head over to the temple of Dionysus before you leave! Grab a glass of wine at dinner and toast to Dionysus… 

Day 2: Make sure you’re in comfortable shoes today! Start off your day the Arch of Hadrian, then head to the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and again walk in the footsteps of history. Walk over the the Panathinaiko Stadium (or run over if you’re feeling historic) where the first Olympics was held! After the stadium finish your walk to the Benaki Museum and have lunch before you explore the museum. Walk over to Syntagma Square where the Greek Parliament is and where many protests have occurred. Walk through the Plaka and shop to your heart’s content. 

Day 3: Take a day trip out to Delphi, yes as in The Oracle of. Hike to the top of the ancient sanctuary, check out the Dephi Museum, especially the Charioteer (and his itty bitty eye lashes) and the Naxian Sphinx. Have lunch either at Delphi museum or in the city. On your way home stop at Arachova and walk around the town and stop in the shops that have making rugs and woven items for centuries. Head back over to the Acropolis and have dinner staring at the Acropolis at night! It’s a whole different ballgame when the sun goes down! 

Extra Credit: Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, Corinth, Santorini,and Mykonos. Please head out to the islands, you need to, you really must. 

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