All the single mamas, All the single mamas

My mom is my hero. 

Being a mom is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, doing that job without a spouse to lean on, just magnifies that difficulty level exponentially. 

She has taught me many things over the past 25+ years, the normal mom things like being nice, saying please and thank you, not throwing a temper tantrum when you don’t get what you want etc but she taught me so many things and I’m pretty sure she didn’t even know she was teaching those lessons. 

1. Sacrifice for loved ones. My mom sacrificed nights out, her dating life, her future plans, all for me. She has shown me countless times that she would rather do something for someone else than do for herself. When I think about all the things she could have had if she hadn’t given it up for me it makes me feel both horrible and wonderful at the same time. Wonderful that my mother loved me so much and horrible because I want her to have everything beautiful she deserves. 

2. Never settle. She never sat down and said well I’m not going to try anymore. If she felt like she could go higher, worker harder, be better she did it. She never let someone tell her that she couldn’t reach higher. She never stopped in a position if she had doubts.

3. Be true to yourself. She never lost sight of who she was. Be it through the divorce, through raising a toddler alone, through raising a teenager who was always right, and through supporting a law student, she never became someone else. She never tried to change herself to fit a mold, she knew who she was and never wavered. 

4. Take time to celebrate. My mom knows how to have fun and she knows that all work and no play makes you stupid. Yep, stupid. She works hard so she can do all the things she wants to do. She travels, to pays for other people to travel, she spends time with friends, she knows how to make it count. 

5. Stay on your toes. If she had any metaphorical ball handling skills she’d be one great point guard. She has had to react to blindsides and massive hurdles but she has never sat back on her heels and let them stop her. 

So thanks for everything mom, I love you. Oh and Happy Birthday. 

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    Happy birthday to your mom! Such a great picture and a sweet post.

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  • Miss Glam Dan

    I love this post! I too, was raised by an amazing single mom and I’m so blessed to have had such an inspirational person raise me. All of these things are so true. :)

    Danielle xx