Dog Tails: I’m taking over

Hello my non furry friends! In case you don’t know who I am you will after today because I AM TAKING OVER. That’s right. Mom is out of town, Pops is living it up at home, probably throwing a huge party, and I am at the Pooch Hotel. They love me here and let me get away with anything, so I gave them my puppy dog eyes (it’s like they come standard) and they gave me the password to their internet and let me on the computer. 

It’s like taking mail from the mailman. 

So I would like to pitch you a few blog post ideas that I would write about if I had total control over this blog…

1. New places to sleep, snooze, nap, and doze (Yes, the type of slumber dictates where you should be)

2. Three easy steps to get Mom to give you double breakfast

3. How to sneak up on cats

4. Foods that make you fart: Are they worth it?

5. Turning your Crate into your Man Cave

What do you think? I should totally take over this blog. Watch out Mom, you have been warned. 

  • Caroline L.

    Um, these are all posts I’d read any day! :)
    Perpetually Caroline