Good Guest’s Guide: Dinner Parties

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1. Block off your whole evening ASAP. The worst thing is if you will have to arrive late or rush out early! Make sure you can enjoy yourself for the entire night and make sure the hostess knows her dinner is the only thing on your plate… besides her famous chicken parm that is.

2. Ask if there is anything you can bring to dinner! Wine, appetizer, dessert… anything! They’ll probably say No but you offering means a lot!

3. Bring a Hostess Gift. Need ideas? Check out my list! This lovely lady, or man, is making you a scrumptious dinner! Bring a gift!

4. Help clean up. She’ll say no but I bet you can help clear the table faster than she can tell you to sit down. Plus, then that after dinner drink will taste so much better!

5. Thank your hostess when you’re leaving and then call the next day and tell her what a great time you had! Not only will she feel a sense of accomplishment after the dinner is over but she gets to feel good the next day too!

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  • #LLinaBC

    I love this list, absolute essentials. I always bring a bottle of wine & a treat, they’re my go to. but I also love your idea of pretty coffee mugs. the call the next day something so many people [me included] would overlook, but has to be the most important? besides actually attending, showing your appreciation is so nice.