The Bachelor & The Crazies

he’s my bachelor

I do NOT understand some of the women on The Bachelor. Seriously. Especially the women who get sent home on the introduction night or in the first couple weeks. The ones who sob and say they just don’t understand what went wrong because they “put themselves out there” and they are “such a good person” and how they “just don’t deserve this!” (Although I give credit to Amy, she was legit when she left last night)

I mean seriously girls (not women. GIRLS) you have talked to this guy for approximately 20 minutes (if that) and you fancy yourself in love with him? And you thought he would feel the same way? Don’t you want to date a man who is as equally attracted to you as you are to him? 

Turn off the water works, you look like stalkers, and psychos. I don’t think we can exactly say that it isn’t personal because let’s face it dating is personal but him not giving you a rose doesn’t mean he thinks you’re an evil person it means he doesn’t see himself marrying you… and the fact he told you rather than strung you along is a GOOD THING girls.

Plus, do you want to date someone who has his tongue down 10 other women’s throats? No thank you. Oh and since you signed up for this show you KNEW he was going to have his hands all over other girls. Stupid.

Although, Juan is ‘the dancing bachelor’? I’m in. 

AND to the Assistant District Attorney Andi? What are you thinking woman?! Do you really think you’re going to get the top job after this? Especially after stripping and holding a cardboard sign over your hooha. 

Is there going to be more drama or was Victoria’s breakdown the only juicy thing about this season? 

this is what Winston thinks of silly girls

  • Kym @ Travel Babbles

    That breakfast looks deeeeeelish! And I love your nail polish :)

  • Kym @ Travel Babbles

    I personally don’t watch the Bachelor, but your review of the crazies kids of makes me want to jump on board with this, lol!! And can we talk five seconds about how CUTE Winston is? Because I almost just DIED! Him and Brutty would be BFFS, I just know it 😉

  • Sarah

    Winston! You handsome fella!!

  • Mol C. Nichols

    Haha I did watch the first rose ceremony for 10 minutes and couldn’t believe that they were so distraught over this guy. I am sure there are men out there they can meet, I’m not a fan of the show but I was sucked in for those 10 minutes. Winston is such a good sport.

  • Caitlyn @ ChemGradBoom

    It was my first time watching the Bachelor this week and I could not agree more with this! I was shocked watching it all and how they have found their future husband, but then he goes on another date! Also LOVE Winston!