What’s so special about snail mail?

In the age of twitter, text messages, and emails there are some people who haven’t bought a stamp in years! I say get out that stationary and sit down and write a letter! Why? Because letters are so much more special than any electronic communication! See why…

What’s so special about snail mail?

1. You focus on what exactly you want to say. There isn’t any oh no I wish I could delete that! Your words become more special and thoughtful because the person reading this letter knows you meant every single word!
2. You spend time on the letter. The time you spend writing the letter and mailing the letter let’s the recipient know that you were thinking of them that whole time and that they are worth your time! 
3. The joy the recipient receives when they get something other than advertisements or bills! Half the time the ads go straight in the recycle bin but people get excited when they get a letter that has no other reason for being in their mailbox except to bring a smile to their face. 
4. There is a satisfaction you get when you mail something. It’s very fulfilling to know that you put something in a mailbox that has nothing to do with returns or have-tos but it’s a want-to!
5. Letters last. Letter are something that people save and look back on later in life. People probably won’t read through their emails when they’re 85. 
Are you fans of handwritten letters? Or do you prefer email? 

PS writing at least one handwritten letter a month was on my Birthday Bucket List this year! I’m rocking it so far! 

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  • http://www.iris-hanlin.com/ Country Girl’s Daybook

    I am totally a snail mail girl. I met some friends at a summer camp when I was twelve (almost 20 now), and we’ve been pen palling since. Snail mail is just so… almost magical. :)

    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted: Gimme Shelter
    movie review à http://bit.ly/1iHASJF

  • Nina W

    LOVE me some snail mail. I sent my long distance boy some snail mail and I swear he was like a freaking little kid at Christmas. It is so fun!