Good Guest’s Guide: Performances

1. Show up on time. Or better yet, early. You really don’t want to be walking into the theatre 10 minutes late and tripping over people’s feet and purses and annoying your row members. 

2. Shut up and shut off. Shut your mouth during the performance (oooohing and ahhhhing is permitted) and shut off your phones. Texting totally counts as talking, plus the light from your phone is like a beacon in a pitch black auditorium. Everyone knows you took out your phone.

3. Exit when they exit. If all the performers are off the stage chances are you can leave your seat. Wait until intermission to leave the auditorium. Or if this is a performance made up of multiple performances at least wait until one performance has completed and they are leaving the stage to make your exit. 

4. No photographs or recordings. You see signs about this at most theaters and it actually is pretty dangerous for the performers. Try doing 20 turns on pointe while a random flash goes off. That’s not cool. 

5. Show appreciation. Clap at the end. Don’t boo. And if the performance was especially exceptional get up and giving a standing ovation. 

What do other audience members do that really irks you?


  • Samantha Angell

    I totally agree with all of these! Another one (if its a quiet performance!) is please limit your crunchy snacks!

  • Amber Thomas

    Crinkly snack wrappers. Oh how I can’t stand when they spend ten minutes trying to open their Sour Patch Kids because ALL I CAN FOCUS ON is the crinkle sounds.