Ski the Boat

I finally got to use my long underwear for fun this winter! I don’t consider keeping myself from freezing in -40 degrees fun, that’s a necessity. I joined family in Steamboat for a little skiing the past weekend! I mean who need Sochi, I’ve got Steamboat! 

For pretty much the entire weekend it was a complete whiteout on the mountain. The trees ended up being frosted but the powder was amazing on the runs! The backside of the mountain ended up being my favorite, nothing was groomed, the powder was deep, and the trees were thick. Recipe for a very fun time for me! 
 All bundled up like the Michelin Man

The whole family playing Hand & Foot… I need to play this again ASAP

Are you a skier or a boarder? 

And did you win the giveaway?

  • Miki DeMann

    I live in Utah, so it’s like snow mania all winter long. When I was younger I loved going up boarding with my friends and family. Now I prefer to stay in the warm :) Looks like you had a lot of fun though!

  • Tomissa Porath

    Even though I live in the snow, I never get out and enjoy the winter season as much as I should. You’re inspiring me, though!