Snap Like That

Do you ever just snap?

I mean when you get so mad that you just burst out yelling, or screaming, or sobbing, or shaking. You just snap. 

I’ve done it. Too many times to count, which is somewhat embarrassing, but at the same time it’s me, so I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. Also I take comfort in the fact that I can’t be the only woman in the world who does this… if you don’t you must be a saint. Well, I’m not. Cheers to the sinners. 

I know its a horrible thing to do and that it ruins relationships. Romantic and familial ones. I suppose business and friendly relationships as well but thank God I find it less appropriate to let my business and friendly relationships know I’m crazy more than my romantic partners and family. 

Of course I’ve come up with a list of things I can do to prevent this “snap” but of course I have reasons to not do these things. It as if the list is a list of things both TO DO and NOT TO DO. Lord help me. 

Here’s the list, you tell me if they’re things I should do or not to do.

1. Speak up when you feel angry or resentful. But would this feel like nagging to the person? I don’t want to be a nag!
2. Take a step back and do something else. But is this more of retreating and walking out on your partner? Just leaving the person in the lurch in the middle of the conversation? 
3. Think of the unpleasant consequences of “snapping”. But wouldn’t that be depressing? And at the same time wouldn’t it feel like I’m not being heard? 
4. Vent to someone else. But why should someone else be on the receiving end of this tirade if they weren’t the person who caused it! 
5. Exercise regularly to get your frustrations out. But actually… no I should really do this one… damn 

What do you think? Good list? Or do you agree with the other part of me? Are you a ‘snapper’?

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  • krause322

    I totally agree with all of these- it’s hard to determine the best way! I know for myself, oftentimes I snap because I’m tired- so a method for me is “go take a nap!” and then miraculously I’m not as cranky.