The Kitchen Sink

People You Meet in Law School: The Kitchen Sink

This is the person who brings everything to class with them. They have their computer, books, and planner like normal people but then they also have two more bags full of a water bottle, three notebooks, snacks, sweater, purse, socks, review materials, post it notes, lunchbox, soda, and a book to read for pleasure (which will never be open). 

During finals you also see them in the library with a blankets, a portable book light, three meals, markers, and perhaps a yoga mat to do child’s pose in between the stacks. 

One of these sinks sits next to me in my Estate Planning class and it takes them about 10 extra minutes to pack up after class… plus they take up about 2x the amount of space a normal student takes up. 

Are you a kitchen sinker?
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  • onefinea

    Hahahahaha! So so good.

  • Caitlyn @ ChemGradBoom

    Those people crack me up. I have no idea what they are thinking when they come to class with EVERYTHING.

  • Kayla

    While I am not that bad I should probably consider my self a kitchen sinker! I commute to school and am usually there from 830-530 every day so I do bring extra supplies than a normal person would lol

  • Samantha Angell

    Haha- I think if I wasn’t doing my online MBA I would be a kitchen sink-er! Fortunately, I get to do all my homework at home…which means I get to be distracted by everything (including the kitchen sink and the dishes in it!)

  • jackie jade

    I think I was a half kitchen sinker in law school. I did most of my studying in the library so i’d have my lunch, extra snacks, a sweater and scarf at all times since I would get cold, my ipod, etc. shockingly I never brought a blanket with me!

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    I am not a kitchen sinker. I can’t stand having more things in my bag than I need at the time…
    ~ Country Girl’s Daybook, recently posted: Catholic beauty & our student chapel: