Cozumel: The Last Spring Break

Well it wasn’t a wild one by any means unless you call reading five books in one week wild (I call it freakin awesome) but it was my last spring break. 

Basically I relaxed on the beach for a couple days, watched my little brother and sister gets super tan while I got paler, and then watched the entire first and second seasons of Suits with my little sister. We now have major crushes on Harvey and Mike. I have Harvey she has Mike obviously. 

We got to walk around downtown Cozumel and we went through some of the back alleys which was pretty exciting to see the real ins and outs of the city. 

what a horrible shirt dad is wearing

What was your last spring break like?


  • Miki DeMann

    That sounds pretty perfect to me! I love Cozumel, one of my favorite places. I don’t really know what my last spring break was like… that’s just sad!