The Mayan Ruins

The past couple of days have been insane. My child advocacy case decided to blow up (kids are perfectly fine) but I’m starting to realize that I need to be way less trusting and question everything. Seriously, this is the first time I’ve gotten to sit down and even look at this lovely blog! I miss you guys! Any hoo my case should be calming down and I can get back to blogging!
When I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago we took a day off from the beach, rented a jeep, and went exploring. Of course the people we were with were more interested in each bar along the road round the island but I, being the history buff I’m proud to be, I was excited about getting to the ruins of San Gervasio
Then to my surprise (and extreme annoyance) after visiting multiple different bars no one wanted to go into the ruins with me. Seriously, no. one. went. with. me. I was dead set on seeing some damn history on this trip so I trekked through the site by myself and loved every minute! 
There wasn’t much left of the ruins but I soaked in as much as I could! 

Would have you gone with me to see the ruins?