Weekend Links

Here are some links for your weekend viewing! I’m going to go back to soaking up the sun for another day until I have to go back to studying in a dark library…

I’ve been slowly trying to update my living room because I love my navy couch so I’ve been perusing pinterest for living rooms with navy couches like this one and this one and I think I might need to paint my coffee table white… thoughts?

You need to check out Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls site like ASAP 

Gladiator Scandal Olivia Pope looks for less… oh get in my closet now! 

Check out this lovely lady (@mrscocowyse) on instagram because I’m pretty sure I want to copy her every look

I’ve been using this new Photo App lately, GoGreekPro – Sorority Edition… reliving my Greek days… it’s pretty cool!

Winston might need to start getting Barkbox, does your furry love get Barkbox? 

When I”ve been feeling tired all the time I look at this picture I have on my phone and laugh. Then fall asleep. 

Obsessed with this necklace. Need it. Want it. Gotta have it. 

Why you should live in Texas… oh Lone Star State I love you 

These might be some of the cutest dresses for spring I’ve seen yet

I’m thinking of doing this My Fit Foods Challenge when I get back to the states… I tried it last year but I didn’t really stick to it which was stupid but I really need to get back on track. Plus with soda out of the question until Easter, and maybe even beyond that, it would be a great time to add this


  • http://www.hockeywifehockeylife.com/ Samantha Angell

    Great links- I’m excited to check them out, especially the one with Olivia Pope’s looks. She always has the best fashion sense! (she, Kerry Washington, the producers who pick her outfits…whoever that means!)