10 Things Every Dog Parent Should Own

1. Microchip. Microchipping your pet is one of the most important thing you can do to help protect your pet. Like their collar and tags this lets people know who you pet belongs to if they get lost but unlike tags it cannot be removed so if the tags are lost a vet or shelter can call you asap! 

2. Lint Rollers. This sticky lint roller has been the best lint roller I’ve ever used. Plus after you wash it off you can use it again and again. I use the big one on my sofa and chair and the small one stays in my car so after Winston gets off to daycare I get all his goodbye fur off my dress. 

3. Kong. The ideal and multi-use dog toy. They enjoy chewing on the toy itself and you can stuff the toy with so many different things to keep your pet entertained. I’ve stuffed Winston’s with yogurt, peanut butter, pumpkin, and his food. You can also freeze it with the yogurt or pumpkin and it’s like a popsicle! Winston gets excited when I pick it up and take it to the kitchen. 

4. Carabiner. This is to dogs as the rubber band for humans, it has so many uses! I keep it clipped on his leash and when I need both hands it gets clipped to my car, my belt, or you can wrap it around a post and clip it to the leash. It also holds #9 on long walks. 

5. Parsley & Greek Non-fat Yogurt. If you sprinkle parsley in your pup’s food it helps their breath smell better and greek yogurt is not only a good low calorie treat but if your dog gets tear stains this gets rid of them after a while. 

6. Bitter Apple Spray. When Winston was a puppy he chewed on everything and I mean everything. My coffee table and tv stand still show the scars. He chewed on my books and shoes and purses. He chewed on everything, until I found this spray. This spray is like the muggle repelling charm in Harry Potter, get it and your furniture with thank you. 

7. PetMD App. Every time something happens to Winston like he vomits, has a weird spot on him, he won’t eat, or he sneaks an entire rack of ribs, I check this app. On the very few occasions I’m not satisfied with the answer I call my vet. 

8. Bones from a Butcher Shop. You can get bones from the pet shops but those are frankly gross. Marrow bones from a butcher shop are great treats for your dog and much less processed than the ones you buy in shrink wrap and usually cheaper! Keep them in your freezer and your dog will be entertained for a few hours when you finally let them have one!

9. Pop Up Water Dish. I have this pop up bowl in my car and anytime we go on a long walk (we went on a 9 mile walk a few weeks ago) I bring this water bowl because there are rarely any dishes for pups but there are always water fountains.

10. DogTV. Not that I’m biased because Winston won Dog Mayor of Dallas through DogTv but this service is one of the greatest entertainments for dogs ever. Read more about it and try it out with your dogs but it really is amazing when Winston is so enthralled with the show. I don’t have DirectTV so I stream it off my iPad and push it to my tv. 

These are all in addition to the usual leash, lead, crate, food, bowls etc. 

What does your dog love best?