Beyond the Black Suit

For the past two months I’ve been somewhat secretly working on a project. The project is another blog. Yes, that seems kind of crazy since I’m ramping up to get ready to study for and take the bar, and I’ll (hopefully) have a full time job come fall, and I already have a blog. 

However, while this blog is more of a creative outlet and lifestyle blog to me, my other project is more along the lines of me going full time in the business/corporate/government world. Here on TDOP I’ve tried to work in some outfit posts but let’s face it I’ve been wearing more business formal and business casual outfits than fashion blog outfits… which isn’t exactly what TDOP is about. 

However this new project is ALL about business formal and casual outfits. I promise you’ll never see a suit on there (except for the very first post) and most every outfit is something I would wear in front of a judge (with the possible addition of a suit jacket) so you know they’ll be outfits you can take to your office. But they still incorporate trends of the moment so you won’t have to dress like an old man because you’re not positive on what you can and cannot wear. 

I would love to have you drop by Beyond The Black Suit and let me know what you think! 

Here’s a preview: 
What do you think?


  • Caitlyn @ ChemGradBoom

    Love it all! And can’t wait to get some outfit inspiration from the blog :)

  • Jamie Rose

    What an awesome idea for a blog! I’m really excited to follow along!

  • Jess Boyd

    I need this desperately! I work in government, and while thankfully my office is more business casual than I expected, I’m constantly trying to find ways to dress appropriately while not having to wear a complete suit. Can’t wait to follow along!

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    These are great outfits! :) You look stunning in all of them, especially the blue.