Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

Well it’s official! I will be spending two plus weeks in Turkey this summer! After I go through the horribleness that is the BAR exam at the end of July I will celebrate a bachelorette weekend and then get on a plane for Turkey! Y’all I will be celebrating my 26th birthday in Turkey! How completely awesome is that? Side note this year is my 26th so I will be celebrating my golden-birthday-in-TURKEY! I’ve been pinching myself for the last few weeks as this was all coming together! 

Did you know when you’re in Istanbul you are basically on two continents at the same time? On side of the Bosphorus is Europe and the other is Asia! I mean this is seriously a dream coming true!

I usually have dreams of visiting Western Europe and all of those enchanting places. I’ve been blessed enough to have visited many of the Western European cities but Turkey was always this mystical magical place with a veil over it. Also one of my favorite writers set a book of one of my favorite series in Istanbul and that just hit it home for me. 

Has anyone ever been? Anything besides the major highlights that I need to see? Any culture nuances I need to be aware of? 

I know in mosques and in general my shoulders and (most of my legs) should be covered but is there anything else? 


  • Destiny Barker

    How exciting! Istanbul is seems to be one of the most fantastic places to visit.

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    How exciting is that!! Looking forward to hearing allll about your adventures there. :)

  • Casey C

    Yay!! Istanbul is GORGEOUS and so full of life and character. You’ll love it!! Make sure to visit the Spice Bazaar…it’s much less crowded and less expensive than the Grand Bazaar. Although, still visit the Grand Bazaar, just to say you did! OH and see the Basilica Cistern, too. Very cool!

  • Jess Boyd

    I have always wanted to visit Istanbul! I love how it is a mix between east and west.