Let Go & Hope

hope: the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best

Everyone has problems and worries that pile up. Those nagging thoughts that we push to the side, that we sweep under the rug, that we try to hide in a corner of our minds. But those concerns are like that one snag in your tights that keeps growing and growing until it’s so big you could step through the hole and you just want to cry. 

People tell you to let go. Every time I hear someone tell me to ‘let go’ I want to scream. Scream I tell you. (unless they’re singing Let it Go) Do they not understand how important these things are to me? Do they not get that unless some part of my mind worries on these problems then I will never find a solution? Why can they not get it through their minds that I have to constantly focus on the issues, the ones I tried to sweep under the rug, or a solution will never happen, that the knots won’t untie, that the problems will only get more convoluted unless I worry on them?

I know everyone at some time has felt like that. It doesn’t matter the size of the problems, they could be little, they could be big, there could be many, there could be just a few, but they are always right there in the back of your mind so you can worry on them. 

You’ve got to let them go. Cue the screams. 

I once heard a fantastic reasoning behind that scream worthy piece of advice. You let go because you have hope in the future. 

Yeah. I had to pick my jaw off the floor after that one. That really spoke to me. Letting go of your problems doesn’t mean you forget about them or ignore them but it does mean you do what you need to do but you don’t give your problems more time than they deserve. You must have hope that the problems will turn out for the best and you must hold fiercely to that hope. 

So instead of sweeping your problems under the rug and constantly tripping over the pile, gather your problems in a box and put them outside with a ‘free’ sign on them. Let. Them. Go. and revel in your Hope. 

all photos via the amazing evelyn

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