Lilla Rose: Review

Hi everyone! I hope your Easter weekend was lovely! One of my lovely sponsors Jackie is a consultant for Lilla Rose and she has graciously let me have my pick of her lovely shop to see if I would love Lilla Rose as much as she does! I wanted to pick something that I could use for work and boy oh boy did I pick a good one! 

I picked out these beautiful pearl hair sticks. remember when you were 12 and stuck chopsticks on your hair and thought you were rockin? Well this is the classy version of your 12 year old chopsticks. Plus did I mention they are only $12? Yeah, twelve dollars. Woah baby!

Usually when I go to work I have my hair done all nice and then when I get into the middle of the work day I want to put my hair up and if I cannot find a hair band (or don’t want that awful crease!) I grab a pencil to try and put my hair up. But now I’ve stuck these in my pen holder coffee cup and I’ve been reaching for these! 

Not only do they keep my hair off my neck and out of my face but they look cute and work appropriate to boot! I mean almost anything would look better than a yellow number 2 sticking out of a bun but these hair sticks take that to a new level. Like I said classy, chic, and work appropriate! 

You can find out all about the wonderful line of Lilla Rose products here and make sure to check out all the hair sticks to keep at your desk!

ps there are no bobby pins in my hair yall it’s all Lilla Rose! And I’ve got a ton of hair!


  • Miche Renee

    Gorgeous! I usually have to use a TON of bobby pins!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    So pretty! I went and cut all my hair off recently I can’t use those, but I’ve always admired them. :) Happy Easter! Jesus Christ is Risen!

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  • Lori and Rebecca

    Those remind me of a pair that I inherited from my Gram years ago. Beautiful!