What does optimism mean to you? To me optimism is that you see the world glass half full. Honestly, I find that I do not necessary find myself aligning with the half full camp or the half empty camp all the time. I’m different levels with different people. 

I would love to be more of an optimist through out the whole day and through my whole life. I’ve tried to determine what qualities I’ve been practicing when I am an optimistic, it’s been quite difficult, I mean introspective investigation is not exactly my forte. 

Here are a few of the traits that help people prone to pessimism turn to optimism: 

1. Appreciate the good. Appreciate the bad. Chances are your bad is way better than other people’s good. 

2. Play Would you Rather. Not the normal game mind you but this is a special Katherine would you rather. In my game if something goes wrong think about what else could have gone wrong that would have been worse. For example if you’re on a trip and you forget the book you really wanted to read on the beach. Think about what you’re glad you didn’t forget instead. I’d rather have my swim suit/wedding ring/phone with me than my book, thank God I have it. See?

3. Sleep. When I get enough sleep my day is tens times better. You make better decisions when you’re well rested and most people are happier when they have more than 6 hours of sleep.  

4. Smile. It’s proven to raise your spirits. Plus it makes you look fantastic which makes you feel fantastic. 

5. Choose to be optimistic. Sometimes it’s as easy as making the choice. Choose the positive. Let go of the negative. 

I am really lucky woman because I start every morning optimistic. 

Right after my alarm clock goes off I am so optimistic that I can get two hours worth of morning work done in an hour that I hit snooze a couple times. Shut up alarm clock I’m going back to sleep! 

Glass half full or glass half empty?