Presently Speaking

This is what’s been going on with me the past month…

Feeling:  Senioritis. Hello I have one more final left and it has been like pulling teeth to get myself to study. I mean just give me an A… heck or a B please! 

Reading: My textbook. What? I do have that final on Friday! But I have Loveology on my standby to grab and read in the pool on Saturday! 

Listening to: Mat Kearney {Runaway} and The Fray {Shadow and a Dancer} and John Legend {All of Me}  

Thankful for: The fact I was representative for Kaplan Bar Prep otherwise I would have just had to cut a $5,000+ check for Bar Prep Courses. That one hour a week sure paid off! 

Thinking about: How Law School kinda screws with your life… there is a blog post in the making on this thought… but seriously my life is completely different than three years ago.  

Eating: Boom Chicka Pop and Diet Coke. I need some major caffeine to keep myself up and studying! Yeah I know there isn’t any caffeine in Boom Chicka Pop but its fun to snack on! Amiright? 

Watching: Nothing. I’m studying remember? But I will say I’ve been watching reruns of random shows while I’m at the gym, I mean they’re already on and I can’t very well bring in my highlighters and outline to Lifetime. (or CAN I…..?)

Loving: Being back in Austin this week to study! I’ve commandeered my mother’s dining room table to spread out and Winston is having a grand old time running around in the backyard and wading in the pool! 
Looking forward to: My very last final ever on Friday! 

What’s up with you?


  • Destiny Barker

    Your outfits are always so cute! And congrats on almost being done with finals forever! Someday I’ll get there…

  • Allie Gannon

    I am obsessed with that colorblock coat! Timeless tweed and oh-so-classy! Happy Studying!….you’re almost to the finish line! You can do it! : )

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    I hear ya on the senioritis. I mean, I’m just finishing sophomore year, but yeah. Same difference. Also, yay! Catholics unite! 😉

  • Brianne

    Ha, my husband is finishing up his 1L exams this week and all of this is pretty spot on. But, dear golly me, he’s going to have to write that check for Bar prep. smh.

    On a fun, sort of related note, I’ve nominated you for a Liebster!