skeletons in the closet

So maybe this is because I’ve been watching all the Real Housewives and all their crazy skeletons are falling over each other to get out of the closet but it got me thinking… have you ever thought of your skeletons? I mean I don’t have any skeletons like I cheated on someone, or killed someone, or didn’t graduate from college (DUH) but I do have some embarrassing moments in my life that still make me cringe and how I would hate it if someone were to bring it all out on tv in front of everyone… then I made the logical decision to tell everyone in the blogisphere… logical… yeah okay. How I did so well on the logic portion of the LSAT is a mystery I guess.

Anyway. Here you go. My skeleton. My big secret. This is seriously going to make me hide under a blanket for a week. 

The summer before I was going into high school I went to Kanakuk camp in Colorado for two weeks. I was going with three friends but we were all split into different cabins and I was shy and homesick. I mean painfully shy and super homesick. So I brought along the newest Harry Potter book (duh again), my cellphone, and my mom threw in some snacks. Okay so the snacks wouldn’t necessarily keep me from getting homesick but its always nice to bribe some other campers to be your friend when you’ve got skittles right? 

Well our counselors told us all the very first day that we needed to give them all the ‘contraband’ that we had. And what do you know everything I had was contraband. Well I didn’t want to give any of it up so I hid it. The next day while we were all at a bible study they had other counselors go through our stuff. I forgot something in our cabin so my counselor let me go back and get it and when I walk in there is ALL MY STUFF (and a little of someone else’s) in the middle of the floor. I was like sh*********t, except in freshman language, and so I panicked and I hid all my stuff again, and went back to join my cabin. 

We all come back after the event and there were two other girl counselors sitting there and we all had to sit around until I confessed that I had hid my stuff. I was beet red and mortified. None of the campers really cared but all the counselors acted like I had murdered someone. So I had to go have a talk with the director of the camp, and I was a total B to him. At the time I didn’t care but now looking back I’m like who were you and what did you do with katherine!? So I got punished. 

I had to pick weeds for a whole day while one of my cabin counselors watched me, I had to give up my HP book because ‘it was encouraging evil works’ and read a camp approved book. Let me reiterate: I had to PICK WEEDS in FRONT OF THE WHOLE CAMP. I wanted to die. Seriously die. As I’m writing this I’m seriously blushing. 
It wasn’t horrible after, I talked a lot with my counselor and we became close, I got to go mountain biking with the guys the next day where I had a blast and it has taught me many lessons. 
So now all of you know my skeleton. And some of you might laugh and say that is more like a fake skeleton but it was seriously one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!
Are there any skeletons you’d like to share?

PS I do still think Kanakuk was a great camp!

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    I vote that was cruel and unusual… There weren’t even any other rebels to pick weeds in front of the whole camp with you? 😉 Seriously though… that sounds like a mortifying experience.