The Very Last

Today is the last day. My very last day of school. I will never sit in another class. I will never have another lecture.

In honor of this personal-milestone-that-you-might-not-care-anything-about-but-I-don’t-care-because-I’m-still-talking-about-it I’d like to show you my first day of kindergarten. Let’s just take a quick second to appreciate the chambray dress, pink pom poms on my bike handles, blunt bangs that are parted down the middle (mom really?), and that matching chambray bow. And in comparison you have my last day of school. I put on a chambray shirt so it would create this lovely chambray bookend. Fun fact: in both of these pictures both of my dimples made an appearance!

I remember my last day of undergrad and everyone was celebrating their last day of classes and I couldn’t exactly get on board since I was staring down the black hole of three more years of school. 

But not anymore. This. Is. It. Today is my last day of school EVER! 

Oh, that sound? It’s me popping a champagne bottle. Please feel free to join me!

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