Presently Speaking

Here’s what’s been going on with me lately…

Feeling:  Tired. Bar Prep is overwhelming, it feels like no matter how much you study there is never enough time to finish everything you have to do. 

Reading: Gone Girl. I borrowed the book from a work colleague and that’s my excuse for taking the time to read it, it would just be impolite to keep it for long right…?

Listening to: Roots and Branches by This Wild Life. Also most of their other songs on the album. 

Thankful for: Doggie Day Care. They keep Winston entertained while I study and he comes home tired and happy and wanting to snuggle. 

Thinking about: How the Bar is under 60 days away. Can you say terrifying?

Eating: Eggs. In the past week I’ve eaten two cartons of eggs. I’ve had them for breakfast, hard-boiled them for snacks, and had breakfast for dinner. Somewhere chickens are planning on pecking me to death. 

Watching: The Bachelorette. I find all of it hilarious. They go on and on about how awesome these dates are and how they’ve never had a date like this before. Well duh, people don’t usually spend thousands of dollars to rent helicopters, have private snowboarding lessons, private concerts, and get done up in expensive tuxes for your first date. It will be nice to welcome them back to the real world. 

Loving: My new computer. I worked with a huge 17 inch computer with an extra battery all through law school that literally hurt my back every time I carried it. My new Dell XPS is sleek and practically weightless. I cannot gush about how I love this computer enough. I feel like I could carry it everywhere. 
Looking forward to: The new summer shows starting. Even though I’m going to have to DVR all of them and watch them all one night a week when I’m not studying I am pretty excited for them to start!

What’s up with you?


19 Kids and Kill Myself

I’ve known about the 19 Kids and Counting family, The Duggars for years, but I’ve never watched the show. I am proud of the fact that senior year of college I was in a trivia and they asked the name of the parents on the 19 Kids and Counting show and I argued that my answer of ‘Mr and Mrs Duggar’ should receive full points, I won of course. But I watched the show on Tuesday and was appalled. 

I could care less about the fundamentalist views, your views are your views and I respect that, but can I get a are you serious on the side hugs, courting, and no kissing until marriage? Whatever. But the thing that really made me go are you serious is that all their kids names’ begin with J. I mean ALL OF THEM. 1. Why? 2. Why? 3. Are there enough J names to do that or did you make them up?

So I decided to play the Duggar Naming Game. I choose three letters randomly, just kidding, I picked them on purpose. The purpose was because I thought they would have enough names to fill 19. 

Here’s my lists: 

R Names                                         E Names                                       W Names
1. Ryan                                           1. Elliot                                          1. Walt
2. Riley                                           2. Ellie                                            2. Wellington
3. Robert                                        3. Elizabeth                                    3. Warrick
4. Rachelle                                      4. Eleonore                                    4. Waverly
5. Rafe                                           5. Emerson                                     5. Wesley
6. Rebecca                                     6. Edison                                        6. Wren
7. Rae                                            7. Eliza                                           7. Wynn
8. Rhiannon                                    8. Emmit                                         8. Winna
9. Reagan                                       9. Evan                                           9. Winslow
10. Reid                                         10. Elodie                                       10. Wilhelmina 
11. Remy                                       11. Ethan                                        11. Willow
12. Rayburn                                   12. Everett                                      12. Walker
13. Rielle                                       13. Evie                                           13. Winston
14. Raleigh                                    14. Ezra                                           14. Wyatt
15. Rosamund                               15. Eugenides                                   15. Wylie
16. Renee                                      16. Evelyn                                        16. Wylann
17. Rory                                        17. Eli                                              17. Whitney
18. Rylann                                     18. Emileigh                                     18. Westin
19. Rhett                                        19. Eddie                                        19. Wendell

Yall I had to whip out the online baby name book for these. Half of the ones I choose only made the cut because they weren’t horrible. I mean would I really want a child named Ezra, no not really, I don’t need to be reminded of Pretty Little Liars every time I see my child. But dang I couldn’t do The Duggar Naming Game for real. I also think the children would walk out of my uterus if I had that many children. My husband would be getting a little ‘snip snip’ most definitely. 

Could you play the Duggar Naming Game for real?


10 “Other” Places to Visit

Let’s face it, when most people think of traveling abroad they think of: France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy or perhaps China (if they’re feeling wild). But there are some places on earth that shouldn’t be overlooked. Not only for the fact that they are incredibly amazing and beautiful but because they will make you go WOW when you’re there. 

Here’s a list of the Top Ten “Other” Countries to Visit

1. Bolivia: The Southern Altiplano and it’s train cemetery & Salar de Uyuni the largest salt lake in the world
2. Zambia: Victoria Falls & The Zambize River & South Luangwa National Park
3. Montenegro: Hiking the Black Mountain & sunning in the bay
4. Chile: The Atacama Desert in which some parts haven’t seen rain since record keeping began & Easter Island
5. Madagascar: The Rova Royal Palace & Analakely Market
6. Norway: Seeing the Auriela Borealis & The North Cape & The Snow Hotel
7. Sri Lanka: Adam’s Peak & Yala National Park with free running leopards & Anuradhapura
8. Ecuador: The steepest stretch of railway in the western world & Rainforests & The Galapagos Islands
9. Iceland: The Hvitserkur the petrified sea monster & Gullfoss waterfall & Vatnajokull Ice Caves
10. Antarctica: duh 

So the next time you start to plan a vacation think about one of these places because let’s face it, the road less traveled might be the best choice you can make…

Which would you pick?



I confess… I solemnly swear I am up to no good… haha too easy. I wanted to really bare my soul to yall like in this post about kamp but then it spiraled into something else… 

1. I think I would play the best mean girl ever. I should have been Regina George or Blair Waldorf or Scarlett O’Hara. 

2. I have one super big bad habit: I collect bad habits. 

3. My one night stand was unsatisfying. All my books wouldn’t fit so I had to get another one.

4. Sometimes I saw I’m sorry when I’m not.

5. I automatically judge people when they start sentences with “Historically…” People I was a history major don’t finish that sentence.

6. Target is my kryptonite and yet I don’t feel bad when I walk in.

7. Sometimes I mentally put people in the grades they should be in… 7th… 2nd… 

8. I sometimes think I’d like to get my MRS degree then my sassy-other-self butts in and says Nah let’s rule the world

9. I actually asked two random people in a shoe department why there are no navy heels in the store. They didn’t work there. 

10. I get overly excited when someone makes a history joke. Then I get overly upset if I make one and no one gets it.

What’s your confession?


A Day in the Life of a Law Student

I had a lovely email a few weeks ago from a reader asking what exactly a day in the life of a law student looks like. I was in the middle of finals when I read it and tried to run my hand through my hair unwashed for two days, looked down at my work out clothes, grabbed my cold cup of coffee, pushed my stack of papers away from the edge of my desk and laughed maniacally. Seriously. 

I figured you no one would want to know what my day looked like during finals studying because you’d cry and then never read my blog again so I’ll give you the day in the life of a law student not studying for finals. This semester this was my normal Tuesday. 
8:00am– get up, walk Winston, eat breakfast, get dressed, drop Winston off at Doggie Daycare

9:00am– stop at Starbucks, look over/finish reading for today, get as much caffeine into my system as possible, grab another cup on my way out

10:30am – Wills, Trusts, & Estates class, in which I was basically always on call for class

12noon– Eat lunch, drop by the Child Clinic and work on my cases

2:00pm– Child Advocacy class

3:30pm – Estate Planning & Probate class

5:30pm– Pick up Winston from DDC

6:00pm – Hit the gym, eat dinner, shower & change

7:50pm– Bar Prep class 

9:30pm– study, read for Wednesday classes, prep for Wednesday meeting, finish blog posts, maybe watch a tv show

1-2:30am finally turn out the lights, bedtime is what was pushed back for me if I had time sensitive work, I was never the one to get up earlier than I had to so bedtime was the loser

While this sounds like all nice and put together when you see it lined up as a set schedule you try doing that for weeks on end and see if you don’t get sick or tired or stressed out. If you’re thinking of going to law school feel free to ask me any questions you have but just realize that I am going to give you the truth, none of that rose colored crap.