19 Kids and Kill Myself

I’ve known about the 19 Kids and Counting family, The Duggars for years, but I’ve never watched the show. I am proud of the fact that senior year of college I was in a trivia and they asked the name of the parents on the 19 Kids and Counting show and I argued that my answer of ‘Mr and Mrs Duggar’ should receive full points, I won of course. But I watched the show on Tuesday and was appalled. 

I could care less about the fundamentalist views, your views are your views and I respect that, but can I get a are you serious on the side hugs, courting, and no kissing until marriage? Whatever. But the thing that really made me go are you serious is that all their kids names’ begin with J. I mean ALL OF THEM. 1. Why? 2. Why? 3. Are there enough J names to do that or did you make them up?

So I decided to play the Duggar Naming Game. I choose three letters randomly, just kidding, I picked them on purpose. The purpose was because I thought they would have enough names to fill 19. 

Here’s my lists: 

R Names                                         E Names                                       W Names
1. Ryan                                           1. Elliot                                          1. Walt
2. Riley                                           2. Ellie                                            2. Wellington
3. Robert                                        3. Elizabeth                                    3. Warrick
4. Rachelle                                      4. Eleonore                                    4. Waverly
5. Rafe                                           5. Emerson                                     5. Wesley
6. Rebecca                                     6. Edison                                        6. Wren
7. Rae                                            7. Eliza                                           7. Wynn
8. Rhiannon                                    8. Emmit                                         8. Winna
9. Reagan                                       9. Evan                                           9. Winslow
10. Reid                                         10. Elodie                                       10. Wilhelmina 
11. Remy                                       11. Ethan                                        11. Willow
12. Rayburn                                   12. Everett                                      12. Walker
13. Rielle                                       13. Evie                                           13. Winston
14. Raleigh                                    14. Ezra                                           14. Wyatt
15. Rosamund                               15. Eugenides                                   15. Wylie
16. Renee                                      16. Evelyn                                        16. Wylann
17. Rory                                        17. Eli                                              17. Whitney
18. Rylann                                     18. Emileigh                                     18. Westin
19. Rhett                                        19. Eddie                                        19. Wendell

Yall I had to whip out the online baby name book for these. Half of the ones I choose only made the cut because they weren’t horrible. I mean would I really want a child named Ezra, no not really, I don’t need to be reminded of Pretty Little Liars every time I see my child. But dang I couldn’t do The Duggar Naming Game for real. I also think the children would walk out of my uterus if I had that many children. My husband would be getting a little ‘snip snip’ most definitely. 

Could you play the Duggar Naming Game for real?


  • http://www.lammtothelaughter.com/ Brianne

    Haha, they didn’t start out doing it that way on purpose. They just happened to name their first two kids names that started with a J. Then they didn’t know how many other kids they’d have after that, so if it ended up that they’d only have one more then they didn’t want that child to feel left out by not having a J name like their older brother/sister.

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