A Day in the Life of a Law Student

I had a lovely email a few weeks ago from a reader asking what exactly a day in the life of a law student looks like. I was in the middle of finals when I read it and tried to run my hand through my hair unwashed for two days, looked down at my work out clothes, grabbed my cold cup of coffee, pushed my stack of papers away from the edge of my desk and laughed maniacally. Seriously. 

I figured you no one would want to know what my day looked like during finals studying because you’d cry and then never read my blog again so I’ll give you the day in the life of a law student not studying for finals. This semester this was my normal Tuesday. 
8:00am– get up, walk Winston, eat breakfast, get dressed, drop Winston off at Doggie Daycare

9:00am– stop at Starbucks, look over/finish reading for today, get as much caffeine into my system as possible, grab another cup on my way out

10:30am – Wills, Trusts, & Estates class, in which I was basically always on call for class

12noon– Eat lunch, drop by the Child Clinic and work on my cases

2:00pm– Child Advocacy class

3:30pm – Estate Planning & Probate class

5:30pm– Pick up Winston from DDC

6:00pm – Hit the gym, eat dinner, shower & change

7:50pm– Bar Prep class 

9:30pm– study, read for Wednesday classes, prep for Wednesday meeting, finish blog posts, maybe watch a tv show

1-2:30am finally turn out the lights, bedtime is what was pushed back for me if I had time sensitive work, I was never the one to get up earlier than I had to so bedtime was the loser

While this sounds like all nice and put together when you see it lined up as a set schedule you try doing that for weeks on end and see if you don’t get sick or tired or stressed out. If you’re thinking of going to law school feel free to ask me any questions you have but just realize that I am going to give you the truth, none of that rose colored crap. 


  • Elizabeth Nicole Erickson

    I am currently studying for the LSAT and have a couple of questions for you:
    1) Knowing what you know now, would you do law school again? Do you think it’ll pay-off?
    2) What did you start law school with the hopes of doing/conquering and did it all pan out?

    3) What is the best tip you could give someone about to take the LSAT?

  • Emily Tomczyk

    I’m wondering what your life is like now? was it worth it? and what would you do differently (before law school) knowing what you know now?