Good Guest’s Guide: Graduation Ceremonies

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1. Arrive on time. This is so incredibly important. You do NOT want to be the one walking in late and the entire graduating class looks at you. You’ll be able to tell where your graduate is; they’ll be the one beet red under their cap.

2. During the ceremony pay attention… at least when your graduate walks across the stage. When the other graduates are getting the attention from their family and friends you can be discreetly playing solitaire on your phone but when your grad gets up you better be clapping your hands off- oh and no bullhorns… 

3. Stay for pictures. You just sat through a super long ceremony the least you can do is take at least one photo with the graduate! It’s just rude not to stay. Plus, you’ll piss off the graduate, trust me, I’ve been there. 

4. Card + $ = Happy Graduate. Pick up a card, write Congratulations’, stick $20 in there, and hand it over with a smile. The graduate is broke and they’ve got loans, at least dinner can be on you. 

5. Stay away from job talk. Unless you know the graduate has a job lined up they are probably really stressed about job searching so just veer on to better topics, such as the party they are probably going to with all their friends after!

PS have you entered the The Bachelorette Draft?

  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    This is great… and so true. My dad was late for my high school graduation, and out vestments were marroon… BAD color choice.