So no one hurt me or anything but being hooded wasn’t all it was cracked up to be… I mean I thought they were going to actually put the “hood” on my head and I was going to walk around like a bada*s monk or something, but no they just put it on your shoulders like a cape. Which I guess is sort of cool if you think of it as a cape, like I’m now a superhero or something. Here comes Lawyer Woman! 

And I will have to say our speaker wasn’t all I was expecting either. He seemed more interested in impressing upon these newly realeased lawyers that we basically had no job prospects, tons of debt, and how we needed to lower our fees… there’s a slight disconnect there buddy… 

But the best part of the hooding ceremony has to be celebrating with family. At the end it wasn’t about the piece of paper, the hood/cape, or the seemingly important awards that no one will care about next week, it was about walking back and seeing the smiling faces of my family. The family that have done so much for me day after day and year after year. The family that traveled hundreds of miles because they knew how important the day was. The family friends who came and sat through what was probably an incredibly boring experience. The fact that each of them was there meant so much more than the hood/cape. 

So thank you to all of my family and friends who made the day so incredibly special. I can never possibly thank you enough! 

And a huge thank you to Megan who came and took pictures for us!