May Calendar

1. Call your siblings and say Hi. May 2nd is National Brothers & Sisters Day. 

2. Buy some fresh flowers to celebrate those April showers being over! 

3. It’s National Salad Month and National Burger Month so pick your favorite and chow down!

4. Grab some margaritas with friends on Cinco de Mayo! Aye Carrumba! 

5. The 8th is World Red Cross Day, check out ways to volunteer!

6. Take a bike ride for National Bike Month!

7. Head to the park and read in the sun to celebrate spring!

8. Send your mom flowers for Mother’s Day on the 11th and give her a big hug!

9. Check out Angelina Jolie in Maleficent out on the 30th 

10. Take a yoga class to lower your blood pressure for National Blood Pressure Month… and of course to chill out from your crazy month!


  • Constance Cleveland

    Just found your blog on pinterest and had to say that I love the 26 before 26 on the side of your page! What a great way to set goals and make sure you keep them.