Presently Speaking

Here’s what’s been going on with me lately…

Feeling:  Tired. Bar Prep is overwhelming, it feels like no matter how much you study there is never enough time to finish everything you have to do. 

Reading: Gone Girl. I borrowed the book from a work colleague and that’s my excuse for taking the time to read it, it would just be impolite to keep it for long right…?

Listening to: Roots and Branches by This Wild Life. Also most of their other songs on the album. 

Thankful for: Doggie Day Care. They keep Winston entertained while I study and he comes home tired and happy and wanting to snuggle. 

Thinking about: How the Bar is under 60 days away. Can you say terrifying?

Eating: Eggs. In the past week I’ve eaten two cartons of eggs. I’ve had them for breakfast, hard-boiled them for snacks, and had breakfast for dinner. Somewhere chickens are planning on pecking me to death. 

Watching: The Bachelorette. I find all of it hilarious. They go on and on about how awesome these dates are and how they’ve never had a date like this before. Well duh, people don’t usually spend thousands of dollars to rent helicopters, have private snowboarding lessons, private concerts, and get done up in expensive tuxes for your first date. It will be nice to welcome them back to the real world. 

Loving: My new computer. I worked with a huge 17 inch computer with an extra battery all through law school that literally hurt my back every time I carried it. My new Dell XPS is sleek and practically weightless. I cannot gush about how I love this computer enough. I feel like I could carry it everywhere. 
Looking forward to: The new summer shows starting. Even though I’m going to have to DVR all of them and watch them all one night a week when I’m not studying I am pretty excited for them to start!

What’s up with you?