The Last Grad Party

Yesterday I explained how the hooding ceremony was a quasi let down, but I told you that the family was the best part and one of the very best parts of having your family in town to celebrate you is that inevitably you will all get together, eat, party, and have them say nice things about you! (hahaha but seriously)

We all got together before the hooding ceremony to do just that. We ate at one of my favorite restaurants, Prego Pasta House, and had some of the best cake of my life from Society Bakery

At my graduation from high school the people present wrote advice and little notes to me and we brought back that idea this year. So we used the same box (shaped like a graduation hat) and had people write down memories, advice, or wishes for me and put them in the ‘hat’. Here are some of my favorites:

“keep your nose clean in texas, we hear there’s a new ADA in town!”
“congrats on joining the royal order of crooks”
“wishing you lots of legal wins, plus no sore knees” 
this was referring to that fact that I was scrubbing floors the other day not something else
“thanks for breaking my nose which I was 1, but especially for giving me lots of advice and help for life”
“may you always stay as beautiful and positive and kind as you are today” thanks gram
“here’s to your last graduation, welcome to the working world!” 
and finally…

“congrats on no college pregnancy” 
thanks uncle bob

I’m sorry but can we please take a look at how cute that little one is at the bottom? Geez aidan stealing the show here!

What advice do you have for me?

A huge thank you to Megan for the beautiful photos!