Weekend Links

1. If you need a weekend breakfast idea check out this homemade cinnamon french toast sticks… it’s like those ones you find in the frozen section and ate when you were five but 100 times better

2. Last Friday I was like this after my final and then I decided I needed to spend the week at the gym because I was like this while studying

3. Have you sent this Kid President / SoulPancake video to your mom yet? WOW Wow wowwowowowow! 

4. This fat puppy tummy brings a smile to my face each time I see it and I’ve opened this page at least 20 times in the past five days 

5. I’m really getting into my bible study lately after getting these bible study guides! I have the Topics and Chapters versions. She has a list of topics on her blog that are coming in handy too!

6. This swimsuit needs to be in my suitcase for Turkey… 

7. Bravo is starting a Ladies of London series. OH EMM GEE! Of course there is the phrase ‘tacky Americans’ bandied about but who cares this is one thing I’m DVR’ing immediately! 

8. Prompts for getting your writing juices flowing! I’d love to go through these prompts now and maybe try them again in a year or so!

9. This Buzzfeed article is surprisingly good on a nation enacting a new law that stones people for homosexuality, it discusses the reverberations of the law (yeah it’s from Buzzfeed)

10. Yet another Buzzfeed article (you are rocking it Buzzfeed!) about the unsung heroes in Detroit who are steadily working their way through the thousands of backlogged rape kits in the city. These people should get a raise, then some help, then a paid vacation. 

11. Do you want to build a snowman go to starbucks

12. My friend Layne from High School just opened up a beautiful new shop called Oh, Dandelion! Check out some of my favorite items here, here, and here!

What are you doing this weekend?