What you need for Law School

So you’re going to Law School. Welcome to the next three years of your life. You’ll soon be buried in books, briefs, work, and exploding highlighters. You’ll have the choice of : school work, sleep, or a social life. Pick one and expect to fail at it. 

But you’re still going. You’ll need some supplies. And by supplies I don’t mean vodka, gin, and tequila, although I do mean that too… but seriously here is your must have list for law school. Take the summer and shop because you’ll never have time while in school. 

1. Computer. No brainer but make sure yours doesn’t have the ‘extra large battery’ and yours isn’t a 17 inch screen. Seriously you do not need the extra weight on your shoulder. And make sure your computer case is a good one because your computer will need that protection.

2. A nice suit. It doesn’t have to cost beaucoup bucks but you need a nice suit for all types of things: meetings, job fairs, interviews, etc. You’ll also need it sooner than you think so bring one ‘fully stocked’ to the start of law school. See this classic suit for ideas. 

3. Classic Analog Watch. You’ll need this not only for your suit but also for tests. Also, if you can’t tell time on an analog watch yet master that before you get to class. 

4. Desk. Again a no brainer but I would recommend using an actual table not a “desk.” You’ll need space for your 800 books, your computer, and all your papers. A normal “desk” doesn’t quite offer you enough space so either use a table as your desk or buy a big eating/dinning table and plan to never eat on it. 

5. Caffeine. Before law school I did not drink coffee. I hated it. Now I own a Starbucks card. Just one of the many things law school changes about you. I ended up buying a Keurig and I cannot tell you how much that purchase has saved me. Both in waking me up in the mornings and keeping me up at night to finish that 35 page paper, that really important brief, or studying for that exam that I had a sinking feeling about. Make sure you know how you’ll be getting your caffeine. 

6. Highlighters. Go ahead and do yourself a favor and buy out Target’s supply. You’ll never have enough and you’ll always need another one. And can someone tell me why they give you 3 yellow highlighters and only 1 purple/blue? I am sick of yellow highlighters!

7. Good work light. Find a good light to put on your desk. You don’t need one that makes you feel like you’re in a police station being questioned but you need one that sufficiently lights your whole desk but maybe not the whole room. Trust me there are good lamps and bad lamps. 

8. Printer. This might be the only one that people balk at but I would highly recommend getting a printer. I am very much a paper person, I edit on paper not on my computer. Plus, when you have a brief due at 8AM do you really want to get up extra early to print it out at the library when you’ve been up until 2? No you want to print it out at 2, go to sleep, and grab it and go in the morning. Printers people, they are still relevant. 

9. Good Bag. You need a bag to lug around your computer and your books etc. You can go the backpack route, I did for a while, or you can get another bag. Just get one that doesn’t make your back feel like you’re 80 and holds everything. Rolley backpacks are out. Just don’t. 

10. Workout Program. You’re going to need to let off steam and it should probably be in a way that 1) doesn’t get you arrested and 2) doesn’t lead to an STD. So join a gym and put it on your calendar. Work up a sweat and release some stress. 

So you’re still going to law school?


  • http://www.lammtothelaughter.com/ Brianne

    And by the end of 1L year, everyone will need to shop for enough suits to get them through summer internships!

  • Brittany Nagel

    I agree, a printer is totally a must. Planning on”going early” to print out your stuff pretty much never works out.