Move it and Lose it 2014: Yoga

Oh hey there friends! I’ve been sort of MIA for the past two week haven’t I? Well, there’s been quite a bit going on down here in the Duchess’ Realm. 


Last week for MI&LI I talked about running (my brain still goes yuck even though I’m starting to dislike it less…) this week I want to discuss yoga! ooooooommmmmmmm

I’ve been upping my weekly yoga class lately and trying to diversify my practice, if you can call what I do a practice. I’ve been to Vinyasa, Hatha, and Bikram. So basically normal, hot, and death valley yoga. 

At the beginning of my practice I really only saw yoga as stretching. I never really saw it as a work out. But at some point in my practice I started to see if differently. Yes, yoga does stretch your muscles but it also works them, it’s a weight bearing exercise and a cardiovascular exercise. Each 

Out of all three types of yoga I tried my favorite was hatha. Vinyasa wasn’t mind consuming enough for me, I found that my mind wandered to problems or ideas or my to-do list. And I get antsy when I can’t write down my to do list. Bikram was intense. I mean seriously intense. It was too much for me. I’ve been a few times before so I went nervous since I knew what I was going to expect and I left drained and exhausted. Which shot my day when I was supposed to be studying. Perhaps I could learn to enjoy bikram if I went at night after all my work is done and I went consistently for a few weeks. 

Hatha however was mind consuming for me, the flow and the heat were enough to focus my mind on what I was doing. I was both mentally and physically present on the mat which was a great exercise for my body and mind. 

What is your favorite thing about yoga? What type do you prefer?

PS it also helped that I had my own mat and a yoga towel since I sweat and slip without my mat. Take my advice, get your own mat and get a yoga towel. Oh and here’s a great mat disinfectant spray so you don’t get gangrene from your sweaty mat and have to amputate something… 


  • A Country Girl’s Daybook

    I’ve pondered doing yoga for a long time, but i haven’t had the time to research all the spiritual stuff… I know there’s some we’re warned against as Catholics, but I don’t know enough about that yet. I like the idea, though. :)

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  • Katherine Nolden

    Yeah I definetly don’t take it as a part of my religion or as a substitute for mass but it’s more of a calming the stress and a good workout