Presently Speaking

Feeling:  Stressed out. Bar prep. Need I say more?

Reading: I’m waiting for the new Maggie Hope Book: The Prime Minister’s Secret Agent to come out next Tuesday! I plan on reading it in one day so I can get back to studying. 

Listening to:  Push it by Salt-N-Peppa. I’ve had oldies from the 80s and 90s on for the past two weeks and been dancing around my apartment. 

Thankful for: Getting Lasik TODAY! Yep, at noon I will be getting my eyesight corrected! Who wants to see how many pieces I can break my glasses in to? 

Thinking about: How the Bar is 31 days away. Can you say terrifying? Seriously, I just had a freak out. 

Eating: Fruit! Fresh, dried, frozen (grapes), in a smoothie, it’s been a bunch of fruit! 

Watching: Rizzoli & Isles because thank goodness it’s back! 

Loving: My mom. She’s babysitting Winston and Poppy for the whole month of July so I can buckle down and study for the BAR. She’s a trooper and Winston loves running around the backyard with her and snuggling with her at night. Yeah, he sleeps in her bed! I still can’t believe it! 
Looking forward to: 1. Being able to see first thing when I wake in the morning now! 2. July 4th weekend. I’m basically studying all weekend but at least I’m taking the 4th off to lie by the pool!

What’s up with you?

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  • Country Girl’s Daybook

    Dang, that dog can jump. What a hilarious picture!

    So happy for you to have Lasik! My grandma had it done, and was so thrilled with the results.

    Country Girl’s Daybook

  • Erika W.

    How did the Lasik go?! Hope you’re doing okay!

  • Jamie Rose

    Good luck with your studying and Lasik! That’s awesome! I’ve been feeling the 90s hits lately too. They just cheer me up instantly!

    Also I can’t get over how awesome that picture is. Our bulldog used to like balloons when he was a puppy too.

  • Katherine Nolden

    Hi Erika! The lasik went great! I can see!!!! Haha its kinda crazy!

  • Katherine Nolden

    He really wanted those balloons! It was so funny!