The Chuck-It List

Let’s have some fun today shall we?

You know each year I have a Birthday Bucket List that I have 364 days to complete. Some are easy (try a new food) some take a little more work (attend a blogger conference) but I do my best to check off all of them. 

But let’s be serious, there are a bunch of things that will NEVER be on my Birthday Bucket List. Those things are on my ‘Chuck-It List‘. I have a few chuck it lists. Here’s a peek at some of them…

Chuck it List #1 – Languages I’ll Never Learn
1. Thai
2. Basque
3. Inuit
4. Chinese 
5. Burmese
6. Urdu
7. Mongolian
8. Bengali
9. Portuguese
10. Hindi 

Chuck it List #2 – Things Whose Popularity I’l Never Understand
1. When guys frosted the tips of their hair
2. Hello Kitty
3. Crimping Hair
4. Duck face pictures
5. High waisted shorts
6. Long pointy nails
7. Cat Videos
8. Snapchat
9. Hammer pants
10. Chuck Norris Jokes

Chuck it List #3 – Movies I’ll Never Watch
1. Yentl
2. Midnight Meat Train
3. Benjamin Button
4. Marley and Me
5. Stepmom
6. Gigli
7. I am Legend
8. The Last Song
9. Sharknado
10. A Little Princess (I’ve actually seen this once, I was made to by my mom, but I will never watch it again. Ever

Chuck it List # – Historical Dates I’ll Never Remember

What’s on your Chuck-It List?


  • Carolyn Wolfram

    I have never thought about a Chuck It List before. Hmmm I think sites like Chat roulette and Omegle would be on mine. All of the films that you had mentioned. Any kind of minimalist lifestyle because I just can’t give up all of my beautiful wonderful books!

  • Christina McCall

    Farsi and Arabic would be on my chuck it list of languages … no real use for them in the Lone Star State unless I go to work for the feds!

  • Lindsay

    Got to your blog from Venus Trapped In Mars, and I’m SO glad I found you. Your blog is so great, and I love this post idea 😀 (1) I’ll probably never ever learn German, (2) I’ll never understand nail art (who’s got the time?!), and (3) I’ll never watch any of the Saw movies or any of their sequels.