Weekend Links

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Check out these links to liven up your weekend! 

1. I knew Mindy Kalig was funny but did you know she’s also “down to earth and pretty in an accessible way?” 

2. This “aca-inappropriate” blooper reel makes me so excited since Pitch Perfect 2 just started filming!

3. Yall I just got these wedges and I love them! They are comfy (I know, comfy heels, oxymoron) and have memory foam in them! Plus cork goes with everything!

4. These motivational post-it notes need to be stuck all over my apartment! 

5. Need a way to wake up in the morning? Here’s 15 minute morning yoga video for you!

6. I need this dress for the weddings I’m attending this summer… 

7. A wonderful obituary for Maya Angelou, I never knew just how amazing her life was

8. Your life doesn’t suck as much as Sansa Stark’s… 

9. Please don’t ever do this in your wedding. Ever

10. Here are 10 facial reconstructions of famous historical figures, the history nerd in me is going crazy!

Have a good weekend!


  • http://www.routebliss.com/ Christina McCall

    Looking forward to this series … I’ve been working on a post about my thoughts on running although its taking me a while to put all my thoughts on paper err a computer screen :)